Canada's sex offender legislation: 'tough on crime', short on smarts!


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Posted on December 14, 2010 at 8:33 AM

NEWS UPDATE (11/26/2010):

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has last week published a report which reinforces much of what we have been trying to warn Canadians of for many months now. You can read their report here:



NEWS UPDATE (12/16/2010):

Yesterday Bill S-2 became law.

Amongst other things this bill will make inclusion in the National Sex Offender Registry automatic. Inclusion will be based solely on the nature of the offense, not by severity or risk of re-offense, nor will it differentiate between violent or nonviolent offenses.

The Conservative government has ignored the fact that there is little or no evidence that the Registry is effective. Instead of determing why it has not been effective the government decides to simply expand it and make it all-encompassing.

What do you think is going to happen when the number of individuals on the registry double, trebles, quadruples...?  which it will. Let's forget the resulting increase in monetary costs and cost in required manpower. What happens when a child does go missing, a thankfullly very rare occurance, and the police want to investigate former offenders in the area. Ignoring the fact that most former offenders never reoffend (which explains why the registry has  "not solved any crimes where the offender was unknown"), what will police do when instead of 1 or 2 high-risk offenders in the vicinity, there are now 200 people on the registry, with a variety of wide-ranging offences?

It unlikely that the new legislation, in the words of Vic Toews, Canada's Minister of Public Safety, "will better protect Canadians from being victimized by sexual offenders". For the conservatives that really isn't important. They have been successful in looking "tough on crime" while doing absolutely nothing about addressing the important underlying causes of crime; that, it appears, is good enough for them.

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Reply Anon
5:18 PM on December 20, 2010 
Thanks for the update. None of this surprised me though. Politicians are all the same- they like to get noticed and do nothing. Just alot of talk and the worse thing is that most people just eat up all these lies they're told. No wonder the politicians keep on doing it. just waht we deserve I guess
Reply Anon
9:21 PM on September 20, 2011 
I agree. They do nothing and get paid for it. It makes me angry that they can tax me then use MY money for such horrible things. If they think they have that much support then the nut jobs that support this can pay for it themselves. I should not have too! I want my tax dollars going to rehab! If they have money to waste on this then they better fork over a billion dollars to me so I can leave!